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Introducing Napo

The Napo Recipe

100 Year old recipe

Made with passion and Polish pride

Hand crafted in UK, Napo takes its inspiration from 100-year old Polish recipe “cytrynowka” (Cit-Rin-Oov-Ka’) derived from ‘cytryna’ meaning lemon. Poland has a long history of making different vodka’s tastes and is one of the world’s leading vodka producers/consumers.

Using only natural juice from fresh lemons, Napo is a smooth, vibrant fruit-infused spirit drink with a refreshing punch. With no artificial flavourings, sweeteners or preservatives found in many other flavoured spirits.

With an alcohol content of 25% Napo is much lower than standard vodka meaning it can be enjoyed straight, chilled or over ice.

The Napo Experience

Made for sharing

Celebrating friends, family and fun, Napo is a new way to enjoy vodka. Not a drink to have on your own or as a shot, but a more sociable, sharing experience.

Hand-crafted with passion and Polish pride, Napo is made from wholesome, natural ingredients with no additives.

Try Napo Lemon straight, chilled or over ice. But always with friends.

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All natural ingredients

Natural grain spirit, lemon juice 35.6% (not concentrated), water, sugar. Sediment means I’m natural... give me a shake before opening.

The Napo Story

The spirit of friendship

It all began during lockdown. A Polish couple in the UK, looking to cheer up two of their closest friends, made a lemon-infused vodka drink inspired by a 100-year-old recipe from their homeland. The homemade drink was delivered and went down ridiculously well. So well in fact, that these four friends became Four Friends Drinks, and Napo was born.

Today Napo offers a range of handcrafted spirit drinks, infused with natural fruit – launching with Lemon. Napo isn’t a shot but a more sophisticated drink to be enjoyed straight and super chilled, or over ice. It’s about sharing, laughing, and fun with friends. It’s about living life. Most of all, it’s about never taking it for granted.

So now that we’re all together again, let’s make every second count.